Welcome to swiss-scape!

This platform seeks to foster the exchange of ideas and data in the field of linguistic landscape (LL), focusing on the linguistic-semiotic landscape and soundscape in public and private spaces, as well as on the implementation of LL in the classroom. Our audience includes teachers, students and researchers interested in promoting and researching visual multilingualism and the linguistic soundscape of Switzerland.

Swiss scape


Our swiss-scape aims to represent the Swiss multilingual and multimodal linguistic and sound landscape. Visitors to the website are also invited to enrich the swiss-scape with their own data (photos, audio recordings) and didactic materials. Send your contributions to: linguistic-landscape@phsh.ch. We look forward to hearing from you.


Interesting weblinks

What linguistic landscape research projects are currently running internationally and in Switzerland? Where can scientific publications on linguistic landscape be found? Our selection of interesting links provides an overview of the research field and the didactic use of linguistic landscape.


Sprache und Raum. Gemeinsame Betrachtung der Ausstellung «Konsumpalast von Renate und René Eisenegger im Rahmen der internationalen Tagung «Sprache und Raum – Mehrsprachigkeit in der Bildungsforschung und in der Schule» an der Pädagogischen Hochschule Schaffhausen